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​Kick My Crotch

This song is by Dirty Old Men.

Kick my crotch like you know you should
I think it feels real good
Break my scrotum with your shin
That's when the fun begins

Kick my crotch
Kick, kick my crotch
Kick my crotch
Kick, kick my crotch

Make my nuts fall on the floor
Why don't you stomp some more?
If you want to be my friend
Just kick my crotch again

Kick my crotch, c'mon
I know that you want to
Kick my crotch, you have to
You know it's good for you, so-ooh
C'mon - kick 'em
My balls are turning blue
So please kick 'em, crush 'em
Smash them with your shoe
Kick my croooootch