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It's Real

This song is by Dirty Money.

I look around and all I see, is people drenched in mediocrity. I'm not saying that I'm any better, but I'm sick of waiting for fair-weather. I'm out to destroy everything around me, in opposition to your apathy. And I don't think this will ever end, this ain't a fucking game to me.

I'm gonna keep on pushing, and this'll never stop. It was you who made us do this, and shit's about to drop.

Mediocrity, I can't follow their regime. I'm gonna cheat, rob and steal, to keep my conscience clean. We've been handed nothing, and they've taken far too much. And this hatred I've got inside, it's impossible for them to touch.

I'm breaking free from reality, the only way I know, I'm gonna burn this place to the ground, I've lost my self-control

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