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This song is by Dirty Dike and appears on the album Bogies & Alcohol (2008).

Dirty Dikestar
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Steep fucking steps

Jam Baxter

Wha? This is life mate try make it easier
I paint my eye balls a light shade of sepia
I wake at nightfall five days a week
And I'm shite faced my minds all sideways
I'm creeping at my pace
As white chalk lines frame the scene of the crime raid
Believing it time waits for each of yours blind faith
If your piece of the pie's tastin' sweeter than mine mate
Ill eat you as live bait.
'Cause I tried to bust rough when I was needia
But never held it down like I suffer with belemia
And now I'm fucking with a team full of freaks
And we're soon to be a feast for the scum suckin' media.

Dumb fuck.
Your season of dumb luck is reaching a slump son
I mean it, I'm pumped up and greedier for fresh meat
I'm neck deep in the next beat, head feenin' to get lean
Your featureless mean speak as real as a wet dream its reek on your bed sheet
Asleep in the the steamiest of sex scene's, my pen speaks for the people that get me you get me ya pricks I'm just sweeping your mess clean.

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