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Capable Of Anything

This song is by Dirt Bike Annie and appears on the album Hit The Rock! (1999).

There's a smile and a favor on a sticker photograph
I swear if I remember anything, I won't remember this.
Drown it out for an hour, borrowed time that we've run out of
If TV's learned me anything, I'll cross my heart for you.

Given up hating, given up waiting.
A dime is all it takes to start your show.
A dime? That's right! Uh huh!

Well I'm up and I'm able.
For how long? Just hold on.
Capable of anything means hanging out with you.
Barflies I'm obliged to be cautious and smile
If anything's worth holding on, you'll be the first to know.

One moment. My backyard. Motion detection lights go on.
Why bother? Get busted! We're sleeping in the woods till dawn!
Find out your name and function
Be on the Next train that leaves out of town!
I've lied, lie down. Try not to make a sound.
I can't get up. My feet are filled with cuts.

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