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Deaf Dumb & Male

This song is by Dirt and appears on the compilation album Feast or Famine Scent of the Kill & Beast or Burden (1993).

You think because I'm women I'm at your beck and call you try to degrade me humiliate and ridicule.Your cat calls fall on deaf ears, you do not compliment I won't be at your mercy, this body's not for rent.
Deaf dumb and male in society.
Deaf dumb and male wont you listen to me.
Deaf dumb and male its time for change.Deaf dumb and male 'cause things can't stay the same.You macho men don't thrill me, the approach you use is stale will you never learn I am strong I am female.
We have come from out the kitchen the chains we've left behind
We don't need your permission do you think were blind?
To boldly go where few men have rarely gone before stand alone stand apart from your friends you must ignore.
But you do not surprise me, this society feeds you crap but when you have a daughter it'll end up in your lap.
You can change this system by starting with yourself and if you change the rules the game will change itself