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​Religious Rampage

This song is by Direct Control and appears on the album Direct Control (2004).

Wake up, it's Sunday morning, time to go to church
Hey Dad, did Mom forget to bring her purse?
The preacher drinks wine / while he's robbing you blind
His pockets are full from saving your soul

Religious rampage it's robbery
But you don't realize / that your beliefs
And actions don't determine your demise

10, 20, 50 what's your price?
How much would you pay for your sacred sacrifice?
Put it on the plate before it's too late
But you can't see...
You're payin' for the preacher's date

All these religions feed the pidgeons
Starting wars and controlling you,
Give 'em your cash, give 'em a check,
While they make your think you're life is a wreck...

You don't need religion
You can make your decisions