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Sanitary Instillation

This song is by Dir Yassin and appears on the compilation album Discography (2007).

Growing up in a society that survives
On dependency.
On an ignorance which creates satisfaction.
A satisfaction that will never come,
Only a frustration that is born from it.
In the structures they created,
On the assembly line,
They've neutralized all the subversion
Within you.

Nothing but dreams of revenge are left.

Hatred doesn't matter as long as it is
Directed into lack of creativity.
Hatred has no influence
As long as it directed into itself.

Wrapping hatred in a sterile package,
Artificial, alienated and harmless.
100% plastic, with a guarantee for a year
Let the marketing department kill for you.
Emptying your weapons through a mediator.

Without ammunition there is no revolution.

And nothing but dreams of revenge are left,
Which only make things worse.
Only make the disease worse.

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