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Salvation At The End Of The Barrel Of A Gun

This song is by Dir Yassin and appears on the compilation album Discography (2007).

The fuel for the nations' existence
Is your blood and mine.
To kill and to die, to serve it,
Symbol of a society that has dug its' own grave.

Dismantling your very self,
Erasing your identity,
Another step in the growing-up process.
Enrolling in the army - you're part of a society
Composed of religion, the nation and war.

The consequences of your actions
Are no longer under your responsibility.
You were only following orders.
Breaking bones, tearing families apart,
Blowing up houses, denying building permits,
It's all part of the job of protecting
National security.

The real enemy is not the Arab,
But the myth of the Zionist soldier.
And if this message cannot break through,
Maybe it's best if you didn't come back
From the next war.