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Independence Day

This song is by Dir Yassin and appears on the compilation album Discography (2007).

The nations' flag decorates our porches.
In the occupied territories they're still
Breaking bones.
And in its center, a Zionist-style swastika,
Symbolizing Jewish oppression.

Pastoral colors of white and blue
Cannot conceal the blood stains
Of oppression, exploitation and
Discrimination that have been going on
For a hundred years.

Militaristic culture, religious culture,
Any other culture is anti- Zionist.
To go through your day facing scenes
Of oppression is the price of 2,000
Years of our national vision.

A holocaust complex which cleans
You of any guilt
Of A genocide which lies in your hands.
An identity complex that made you
Get caught-up in a war which isn't
Your own.

Palestinian blood has irrigated this country
And foreign workers have built it.
We are all cog' in a machine
Whose sole purpose is social injustice.

Anti-Zionist in a military state.

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