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The nurses, the costume player lick me
can not hold it anymore, time to explode
All in your face like a slimy goo

It was less than 5 minutes
but it was a trip, a trap, a S trip
Inside your mouth like a slimy goo

In the 80's the SM were my adolesence
Midori, Eri, Ai and Jun
Those shaded areas were unnecessary. Pissed me off.

But now I am an adult
Stopped watching videos and now I go to special shops.
Get girls fom the alps, I get horny.

A small park in Shinjuku and a building in Gotanda 4th Floor
I watch and see. Do you see??

Can not be a BY now
So I think hard and destroy the theory
Dick Addiction slimy goo

Sweet My Honey

High Trance Play