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From the window, I can see the cherry blossoms blown by the wind as usual.
They are falling slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, just like dancing.

My consciousness is also fading today.
Who are you? I can't remember anything.
My tears fell onto the hand.
Clutching my hand tightly and made it wet.

With an incessant stream of tears, the eyes were trying to tell me something.
The smell of you feels so close to me for some reason.
I know my life will end here alone in this room.
Flowers nobody can find...

The flowers hurry to fall, shaken by the spring wind.
The wind is also blowing into the white room of the hospital.

The pain is growing day by day.
You held my ugly body, it's getting thinner and thinner.

At last, I just remembered an important person.
I'll become ash and return to the dust tomorrow.
I see cherry blossoms from the window, I want to rest beneath the tree.
I'm in your arms holding me with your love.
I'm quietly taken from room 304.
To never forget about you.

I'll remember you shaking with the cherry blossoms when the wind blows.

Slowly, slowly......