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I Wonder Why

This song is by Dion and the Belmonts and appears…

This song has been covered by Showaddywaddy under the title "I Wonder Why".
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I Wonder Why
Dont' know why I love you like I do, don't know why I do.

Don't know why I love you, don't know why I care
I just want your love to share

I wonder why, I love you like I do
Is it because I think you love me too
I wonder why, I love you like I do, like I do.

I told my friends that we would never part
They laughed and said that you would break my heart
I wonder why they think that we will part, we will part

When you're with me, I'm sure you're always true
When I'm away, I wonder what you do
I wonder why I'm sure you're always true, always true
Don't know why I do.

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