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Presenting Dion & The Belmonts (1959)Edit

Dion And The Belmonts - Presenting Dion & the Belmonts
Presenting Dion & The Belmonts
  1. I Wonder Why
  2. Where Or When
  3. You Better Not Do That
  4. Just You
  5. I Got the Blues
  6. Don't Pity Me
  7. A Teenager In Love
  8. Wonderful Girl
  9. Funny Feeling
  10. I've Cried Before
  11. That's My Desire
  12. No One Knows

Wish Upon A Star With Dion And The Belmonts (1960)Edit

Dion And The Belmonts - Wish Upon a Star With Dion and the Belmonts
Wish Upon a Star with Dion And The Belmonts
  1. When You Wish Upon A Star
  2. In The Still Of The Night
  3. A Lover's Prayer
  4. My Private Joy
  5. My Day
  6. Swinging On A Star
  7. All The Things You Are
  8. It's Only A Paper Moon
  9. In Other Words
  10. I'm Through With Love
  11. When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along
  12. September Song

Together Again (1967)Edit

Dion And The Belmonts - Together Again
Together Again
  1. Movin' Man
  2. Berimbau
  3. Come To My Side
  4. All I Wanna Do
  5. But Not For Me
  6. New York Town
  7. Loserville
  8. For Bobbie
  9. Jump Back Baby
  10. Baby You've Been On My Mind
  11. My Girl The Month Of May

Reunion: Live At Madison Square Garden 1972 (1973)Edit

Dion And The Belmonts - Reunion- Live at Madison Square Garden 1972
Reunion: Live at Madison Square Garden 1972
  1. Introduction
  2. I Wonder Why
  3. A Teenager In Love
  4. The Wanderer
  5. No One Knows
  6. Ruby Baby
  7. Drip, Drop
  8. That's My Desire
  9. Where Or When
  10. Runaround Sue
  11. Little Diane

Other SongsEdit

  1. Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw
  2. I Can't Go On
  3. Teen Angel

Additional information

Years active:

1958 - 1970's

Former members:
  • Angelo D'Aleo
  • Carlo Mastrangelo
  • Dion DiMucci
  • Fred Milano
Related artists:
Record labels:

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