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The Eyes

This song is by Dio and appears on the album Master of the Moon (2004).

Oh no, they're at it again, looking inside my secrets
Coming through cracks before I mend the wall
Get out 'cause you're breaking the law, how did you ever find me?
Places where I can hide can't get much smaller

I have invisible dreams where no one can touch me
Maybe I'll find a way to disappear

No one moves and no one dies
Just the eyes

I've run as fast as I can thinking they'll never catch me
What a waste of breath, a waste of time
Feel like digging a hole, going in even deeper
Maybe they just can't see what just can't shine

I'll be lost so no goodbyes
If no one moves then nothing dies
Just the eyes

Oh no, they've done it again, sending out the detectives
Searching for signs of life and that means me
In my invisible dreams when no one is watching
I'd make the whole world blind and I'd be free

I'll be lost so no replies
If no one looks then no one dies
Just the eyes
Those eyes

Magic numbers, even sacrifice
I can't find a way 'cause nothing stops the eyes


Music by:

Ronnie James Dio, Craig Goldy

Lyrics by:

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