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This song is by Dio and appears on the album Master of the Moon (2004).

Fingers scratching blackboards make cowards of the brave
A natural reaction from the cradle to the grave
Rats and bats and spiders and little things that crawl
Never made me tremble, I'm not bothered, not at all

Then I saw you
Something new inside of me
But what's this shaking?
You made me shiver, shiver

Cemetery midnights, walking on the dead
Never seemed to matter, it's all inside your head
Names are only letters mentioned on a stone
And if you're going somewhere you're going it alone

Then I saw you
Something new inside of me
Felt this shaking
You gave me shivers

Magic charms and voodoo and all those other spells
Never made impressions and I never slept so well
If I had a nightmare, I'm sure that I would know
I really don't remember, but I'm sure it isn't so

Then I saw you
Something new inside of me
What's this shaking?

Turn out the light it won't matter
A bucket of blood, I'm still fine
A black cat's only a colour
But you can do it every time
Time time time time...
Time time time time.


Music by:

Ronnie James Dio, Craig Goldy

Lyrics by:

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