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​441 Heavenly Drive

This song is by Dinkus 9.

I wanted to take you away from all that pain, but now as the days fall through, I will let those memories fade.

I'm missing you (memories of you)
Hope you're missing me (are so clear to me)
I'm missing you (but now that you lack)
Watch over me (I no longer see)
I'm missing you (that angel on earth)
Hope you're missing me (who came here for me)
Yet still you burn inside of me

It's days like these
And months like those
The moments we had
I'd love to enclose
This envelope, a letter too.
Mail it off, addressed to you.
441 heavenly drive
God how I wish you were still alive
Be here, be close
Remain beside
I'm sorry to hear that that was goodbye.

I won't let go
I can't let go...