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This song is by Dingus.

Idol role, no self-control
A parasite to one's constructed modeling
Surrounding pedestals

Chin held high to stimuli
Where's the other you
The independent one you never show?

Your individuality: polluted idealistic fashion
Collectivize your way of life,
Becoming every different passion
Creating idols for yourself is now your only ration

Swallow society
But don't forget to take a grain of salt
And even if you disagree
A disastrous outcome will never be your fault

Did you ever stop to think your idols have some idols of their own?
They preach to you, you know they're right
They may be wrong, but yet in spite of their doubt,
They will preach you out just like their former idols did

Idol, ideal illusion
Idol, self revolution

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