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Wish I Could

This song is by Dingdong Avanzado.

i wonder where you are right now
wish i could see you somehow
can't seem to ease the pain
since you've been gone
nothing's been the same
how i wish you could have stayed awhile
how i wish that i could see you smile for me
wish i could hold you in my arms
keep you safe and keep you warm
but now all i can do
is hope and long for you
you're in my mind every night and day
wishin' you're part of me in everyway
'coz all i wanted to do
was to always be there for you
i wish that i could tell you
just how much i love you

i guess i should not fear
'coz i know
God can hear
and He's telling me
you're alright
and there's no need to worry
oh my baby, i am so sorry
if i had known maybe you could have lived here with me
i wish that i could tell you
how i love you

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