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Just Because

This song is by Dingdong Avanzado.

you're asking me
why i love you so
well i just feel it
i just know
how can i express to you what can i say
why my heart beats for you this way

i'm not so good in saying what i feel
all i know is this
is all for real
it seems that it would take me all the night
to find the words so right

but now what it's my mind is just because
oh what else can i say but just because
can't find no other way
you're asking me why i love you
when i find the words
honey, i'll tell you
but for now i hope just because will do


no matter how hard i try
can't seem to explain why
all i know is that i love you
so please believe me when i tell you...


But for now i hope just because will do

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