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One, Two, Three

This song is by Dina Carroll and appears on the album Dina Carroll (1999).

Talk to me...

Talk to me baby
Don't let me out of your sight
I'm fading away now
I'm lighter than light
Turn to me baby
Singing that same old song
Tell me you love me only
Tell me I've got it wrong

I'll give all I could give
I'll be all I could be
To come together
And we'll make this house our home
We'd better talk about it

One - We were meant to be
Two - It's what you said to me
Three - Now we've lost our way
Got to work to make love stay
One - Now I realise
Two - It's missing from our eyes
Three - Never felt such pain
We need to start again

So look at me baby
What's going on in my eyes
Do you feel for me
Let's not live a lie
So smile on me baby
Bring me back to life again
Hold me closer now
Make me believe that this will change

The other night I dreamed
Of what it might have been
Our world's divided
And I hope that you can see
We'd better talk about it

Before we're over baby
Where do we go from here
Whatever happens from now on
Baby, you'd better talk, you'd better talk to me

One - Two - Three - Got to work to make love stay
Got to work now baby
Got to work now honey
One - Two - Three - It's missing from your eyes
We need to start again

Talk to me

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