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Don't Be A Stranger

This song is by Dina Carroll and appears on the album So Close (1993).

I shouldn't be alone with you tonight,
desire was to strong to put up a fight,
I don't understand the way I feel
although it feels so right,
I really shouldn't be...
here tonight

In your eyes there's a sign of intensity
I sense an atmosphere
no need to hide from the way that you feel inside
there's nothing left to fear

If only for tonight
(don't be a stranger)
I wanna take this chance
risk it all for you
knowing what im gonna do
if only for tonight
(don't be a stranger)
I want it all from you

you're on my mind all of the time
I really shouldn't stay with you tonight
but the more and more I think of it
the more it just seems right
thats why I shouldn't be...
here tonight

Now I find out I know who I really am
I'm lost without a trace
so take me high, take me low or how you know
and help me if you can

(repeat chorus)

Why I don't know it
I'm in too deep, to say no
hold me close, don't let me go
I wanna take this chance
risk it all for you
it's what im gonna do

(repeat chorus)

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