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We Are

This song is by din_fiv and appears on the album Escape To Reality (2000).

One world, two sides
Who is wrong, who is right
What's yours, what's mine
Only shades of black and white

One self, two minds
One desires, one decides
What is wrong, what is right
Only shades of black and white

We are young
We are old
We are helpless
We are strong
We are islands in an endless sea

We are lost
We are found
We are hunter and the hunted
We are objects of obscurity

One life, little time
No one knows the reason why
People come, people go
Here today, gone tomorrow

We are alive
We're not alone
We can survive
If we are one
In a million years
Are we still victims of our fear

We are free
What we are to believe
Is what we will become
We are day, we are night
We are death, we are life
We are skin, we are blood
We are hate, we are love

We are fire, we are stone
We are flesh, we are bone
We are moon, we are sun
We are tool, we are gun
We are rain, we are snow
We are reap, we are sow
We are rich, we are poor
We are peace, we are war

We are Heaven
We are Hell
We are

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