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I Say

This song is by din_fiv and appears on the album Escape To Reality (2000).

You say how I should behave
You say where I can go
You say it isn't over
Until you say it's so

You say I'm to stand in line
You say what's right and wrong
You say when it's checkout time
I pray it won't be long

I've got to get out of this place
There's got to be a way
Legalize my suicide
Let me live
Let me die

I say for whom the bell tolls
I say to be or not to be
I say what I will suffer
This life is killing me

Who's to say what you would do
If you were in my place
Had enough, never want to see another day
I know that my life
Hasn't turned out like I had in mind
Tonight the light is fading away

See you later

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