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Pop Music Will Never Die

This song is by Din-Addict and appears on the album Music For Opened Minds (2003).

Pop music will never die
Because you're stupid and keep it alive!

I can listen your band
On every radio stato
I can watch you on every music TV channel
I hope your band will disband
And you'll die
But some people like you and call you a star

Your electronic sound sucks
Your mushy bleating sucks
Your gay band sucks
Some people like you
But they're suks too

Instant music, worthles lyrics
Somebody will surely buy it
Just sing somebody's song like a puppet
Pop musi will never die,
While people are so stupid!

I've got a headache every time when I'm overhear your music
If I hear your nancy voice, it's enough to make me sick
You throw yourself like an epileptic
Forget it at last, you anti-cultural sod stupid!

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