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Another Reason To Stay Home, And Watch Tv

This song is by Din-Addict and appears on the album Music For Opened Minds (2003).

At last! It's evening again! Can't wait to feel
The remote controller in your hand
After a hard day you just want to stare at the screen
Brainwashing TV advertisements, "shoking" TV news,
Stupid boulevard stories
And now coming your favourite "Big Brother" and other reality shows

"Society can be easily stimulated with authorized voyeurism"
Oh, yes, it's great to watch confined people all day!
"It's not pervert, just natural interest to watch other people's life" they said
No matter how, it's just for the profit, send the SMS, download the ringtone, be fanatic!
It's bullshit! Fuck your reality shows. That isn't the reality!

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