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Beebop Had A Mohawk

This song is by Dimension -X- and appears on the album Demo (2005).

Watching tides turn, and coincide with frustration built inside
Dismantle everything running to and out of my head.
Working hard and getting no where, moving on but seeing no results
Of what you've done, the countless hours spent.
I've got nothing left, to give just yet, to fight this battle just another day, but ill do it anyway.
What you see, what you see is my reality, but constant struggle builds up character
I'm struck with persistence I have to find a better way for me
I won't be shutdown or deceived
Hope written in these lines, resting on the surface of battlegrounds, these attempts won't be in vain
But you won't see me fall down
I fought this I've lasted, Ill fight this and surpass it
And nothing you can do!
Will wear at what I stand for
Unbreakable honor, it keeps me moving stronger and stronger

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