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Soothsayer Speaks

This song is by Dime Store Prophets.

Soothsayer leans up against a wall outside the Temple doors
He's got deep blue eyes and a grin from horn to horn
Greasy hair
Salesman smile
Burnt orange suit
White patent-leather shoes circa 1974

Well, he looks over his shoulder at the desperate ones
And he badgers them before they reach the door
Well, he says, "Say there, sucker
Could something so big, so good
Be as easy as just opening the door?
Kneel down to the system
Hail religious grind
Now jump like a circus dog through my hoops of fire"

You won't find a back door to heaven

Soothsayer lights up a holy smoke
Exhales real big
Stings my eyes
And he said, "I can make you work hard for nothing
Strive in the dirt and even spook you with the Holy Ghost
I can make you walk around the block twice just when you wanna go home
Make you jump like a circus dog through my hoops of fire"

It was never meant this way
I see open gates all the way

It's all right now
It's okay
My love, my love, you will wait
It's all right now
It's okay
I'm coming home today

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