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Boxing Shadows

This song is by Dime Store Prophets.

So ring the bell
Bring it on
That's right, I said
I am boxing shadows backstage of my head
And take a swing at the one I want to be
I go na na na ...

I don't feel so strong up here today
So it's down to the basement
Mason jars and memories
Dim light sways from overhead
From a corner of the ring
Shadow of a better me
So I take a swing at the could-have-beens
I left up to the should-bes

You're docking every open door I've had
We're standing in the same place
You in front of me
Sucker-punch to the place it hurts
Breaking my defenses from the inside
Now fear is a fool who just won't shut up
The bigger, the harder it falls

Oh, I want to walk in a field of light
With no shadows casting me down

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