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This song is by Dim Mak and appears on the album Enter The Dragon (1999).

Are you sorry
Sorry that you're playing the sheep you fool
Just a reflection in a shallow pool
Are you sorry
Sorry that I'm seeing right through you too
All smoke and mirrors It's nothing new
Are you sorry
Sorry that you get no respect it's true
Your masquerade isn't helping you
Are you sorry
Sorry that you're sick of your weakness too
Don't have the courage to see you through
Are you sorry
Sorry while you slept the cancer grew
Devoured what spirit was left in you

I've seen your lies, devoured
Seen your disguise, devoured
I've seen your pride, devoured
Seen your spirit die, devoured

I've seen hope, devoured
Your will to cope, devoured
Your spirit broke, devoured
Neck is in a rope, devoured

I've seen your soul, devoured
No longer whole, devoured
Alone and cold, devoured
In the blackest hole, devoured

I've seen your faith, devoured
You dug the grave, devoured
Buried your fate, devoured
Made yourself a slave, devoured

Are you sorry
Sorry when I look you in the face
All I see is your disgrace
Are you sorry
Sorry that you can't look me in the eye
Your eyes just dart, but won't meet mine
Are you sorry
Sorry that you're really alone you see
A ghost of flesh is all you'll ever be
Are you sorry
Sorry that you never could find the strength
Tough motherfucker you must be

(Repeat 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th verses)

You're just digging graves
You don't exist
You can't be saved

Weak won't
Weak won't
Weak won't survive

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