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Insect To Insect

This song is by Dim Mak and appears on the album Enter The Dragon (1999).

Insect to insect
Existing with no blood
So cold and void
Living in dung

Iridescent liars
So full of poison thoughts
Denial haunts
Their puny hearts

Insect to insect
No need for prophets now
Blind eyes don't roam
Feet hold the ground

Insect to insect
Living a bloodless life
Insect to insect
So many ants in line
Insect to insect
Are we just killing time
We're killing all for ourselves
We're killing all for ourselves
We're killing all for ourselves

Insect to insect
Blue exoskeleton
Some hide below
Some take to flight

Crawling, surviving
Eyes closed to the sky
Solitary wasps
Born to defy

Flight is freedom
Wings spread defiantly
The warrior soars
While Eden dies

Black wings above
The skies are angerless
Earthbound and stricken
Without hope

Solemn they fly
Solitary wasp
Strength of one
Strong in flight

There is a strength to be found
That we can't deny

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