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The Third Planet

This song is by Diluvium and appears on the album Aurora (2001).

See through me my sadness
And hear my deepest voice
Faraway from you
I have to leave soon.

All my pain is going now
All your coldness must break down
In this hour of humble heart
My eyes will see my God.
It will lead you in the desert of life
And it will show you
How is close to be alive.
And you will find your strength
In those who send you there.

Cries of silence rage
Now our lives collide
Watch your dreams burn down
And distance tearing from your heart
Where is this place
In this confining dark
Seed of new life, where sorrow dies.

Fearing from your true side of your life
From how is end coming as a night
In your helpless yells you're screaming...
And there is a faith which give you a life
Lust for anger love for mercy
And take his hand and leave for him
My beloved man we will see the land.

Falling into way which going nowhere
Into your aimless tries to be a loner
What will you do with your life?

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