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Round 'N' Round

This song is by Diluvium and appears on the album Aurora (2001).

Round and round we get nowhere
With our heads down we don't see
And we don't know
What should we have to.

I saw before, how they seek
And how they die, they yearn;
Birds refuse to fly.

So, I can feel them
I so wish to be one of you again
But I'm dead, I'll not die again.

Force that I need it makes me feel so weak
To achieve my hopes
And seal my fate
But distance makes me feel so late.

I have to be just honest with my needs
With that weight on my back
And the truth in my heart
I open my eyes in the darkest nights.

Oh, smooth creator of life
Would you hear my voice
And take my pain away.

I cry with no tears, in the lunar light
I pray in my loneliness, with no fears
I'd rather be gone.

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