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My Love

This song is by Diluvium and appears on the album From Always (2007).

My love, you're the forest in my heart
Where I can not find the way.
My mind stops me when I try to go,
Without you, more and more
I feel so empty...

You're holding me but I'm falling down
While you're looking at me, I close my eyes.

And now my feet are burning on the ground
I'm walking through the sun
To reach the sky
To see the light
You're still in my heart
And now I need to see your face
On my way to survive
Till I see the dawn
Till I see the sign
I am going to the stars.

At the end of time
At the end of cries
At the end of all that we had
There is nothing more but a naked suspended love
Now I try to breathe, now I try to live
Now I try to find somehow
And aim and shelter on this ground...

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