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Gloomy Man

This song is by Diluvium and appears on the album From Always (2007).

Running through fields of my life
Through the moments of my life
I try to achieve myself.

I look in the glass and I saw my reflection of
Distrustful regards just like it's someone else.
See the hiding of my gloomy man
And that is why I feel so bad.
I need release in these nights and days
I have to overcome my second self.

If I deny your existence I'll try to escape
From reality of your being.
I'm getting to feel deep, deep pressure in my chest
Cause you are fighting for hegemony.

Forever and ever, ill hold my true desire
Ill follow my feelings and hope to be truly
Forever and ever, 'ill hold my true desire
I fight for my breathing
'Cause I am walking through fire...

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