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New Punk Fashions For The Spring Formal

This song is by Dillinger Four and appears on the album Situationist Comedy (2002).

This place feels like a catalog.
I wonder if your close-ups taken too long.
Would you like a snapshot for your mother, boy?
I don't care.
I don't want to know.
It's never been a part of me.
Just like a junkie fears the light of day,
I wonder if it's just another role we play.
Like a celebrity on minimum wage.
I never understood.
Never thought I should.
It's never been a part of me.

Still having nothing
Ain't a fucking blessing.
Still it ain't a curse, though.
'Cause I've known worse.
So I'll just keep on wearing this old crown
I found on the ground.

Three cheers for anything holding us down.
Watching as aesthetic over-powers the sound.
Sort of like a martyr so proud of his picture.
I don't want to know.
Let it all go.
It's never been a part of me.

Your new found dreams are a nightmare.
And I wonder if you even know,
Are you ready to be Davey
To the new Goliath?
Taking notes at your all-ages show.
It's like the marketing department
Has finally figured out that 'The Pit'
Can always make more room.
I'd love to sneer at the camera
For your revolution,
But I just can't afford the fucking costume.

Are you scared to go outside?
Will it cut you down to size?
Where's the do or die?
It's staring you in the eye...

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