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That's Life

This song is by Dilba.

We talk too much, got nothing really smart to say
I think a lot, but thoughts no longer make my day.

Where I sometimes, I love you baby when you play
And hurt sometimes and wait for it to go
To go away!

That's lalalala life, that's lalalala like hole in the sky!
Lalalalala waist of time, if you lalalalalala lost the fight
Why lalalalala waist your time, with me

From now, now on, what's right is wrong and that's ok
For me and you, I'm happy if you stay all day
We laugh a lot and kiss until we fall asleep
And then wake up and let the morning
Be there and stay!

I feel, if that is what you want, now keep your ring, house and the car
If this is it then it's a lie, cause love is here for all I know
In my life!

...With me, with me

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