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Diamonds And Motorcars

This song is by Dilba.

It's a fact, you never get a girl like me
I'm not impressed, champagne but honey I don't drink
You think everybody needs a peese of your superfiction,
Get off my back, you don't seem to get it
You can try, but I don't need no

Diamonds and motorcars
Actors and superstars
You're so hot, baby let's get married
I'm just kidding!
Diamonds and motorcars
Parties in phony bars
Baby, why don't you call up JLo?
I don't think so

You're playing bored, and think you're so convincing
You think you scored, because you got me laughing
But you're funny in a different way yes, it's stuff that I won't say loud
I don't mind having you amuse me, until I'm done
Had enough of

Reckon your plan would work with me, like Ken and Barbie
Looking great but I can't stand your perfect image

Or I should i??
Just maybe
Diamonds... a ah... oh no no, you don't seem to get it - I don't need your..!

Diamonds nanana, nononono, nanana, nonono
Nanana I'm just kidding
Nanana I'm don't think so...


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