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Give Me a Sign

This song is by Dignitery.

This one dedicated to you girl
Just wanna feel you in my arms
Cause you got it going on (yo)
Me love how you bubble, love how you wine
Love how you flex and look so devine
You got me head ah puzzle, eva deh pon mi mind
So girl, just give me ah sign (2x)
Cause you done know, ah you me ah feature
Long time me say, you ah me sweet senorita
Love how you bubble, and ah move pon de beat yah
Got me head ah puzzle, know say you sweet ah
Wine up you waist, to de bass and de tweeta
Listen to me voice, come through de speaker
Man ah get mad, you muy es bonita
You know you ah me, sweet chi kikita
Would ah give you loving, with nuff devotion
Two ah we togeather, ina loving motion
Nuh badda wid de fuss, fight or commotion
You ina me arms, straight up emotion
If you want want it fast, or ina slow motion
Call out me name, me sail pon de ocean
Haffe give you some, ah de rude boy potion
With x-amount ah love and devotion
Come make de love start, without no finish
Nuh badda with de games, don't run no gimmicks
Tell me you name, and what's you digits
And when you read girl, just bring it
Know say you fit, know say you ligit
Nah play no games, rude boy nuh in it
Love to de max, without no limit
So listen when me talk and sing it
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Chorus (to end)

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