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They're Outnumbered

This song is by Dignan.

Your hands outstretched to say,
"Hello" to everyone.
Your fake smiles fill my mind
With pointless dialogue.
And your grip it seems to give,
Whenever I'm in need.
You say you're right here to stay.
But you're no where to be seen.
"Your secrets safe with me."
But I hear differently.
If ever you're in need,
Don't come seeking me.

Change your heart,
And we'll change our hearts.
We need love.
If you'd change your heart.
We'd change our hearts.
We need love.

We're slaves to our worst fears,
If our secrets are revealed,
We'll sink deeper and deeper,
And still you won't listen.

If you stood here in our shoes,
You would say.
"We need love"
But face to face you'd say,
"Lose your faith"
We need love
We need it!

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