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Body-Hats, Pt1

This song is by Digital Underground and appears on the album The Body-Hat Syndrome (1993).

(Shock G (x2))

She used to be quick to lick, the trick

But now she just wanna rub 'em down

(Digital Underground)

Body-hats, lookin' for the Body-Hats

Lookin' for the body-hats! (x6)

(Shock G)

Yeah, I took sugar shoppin' (yo?) for a body-hat (no!)

And I found a pack of big blue round ones

The can't-shut-me-down ones, yeah
A-rigga-like-me-needin-em-cause-I-get-around ones


Yeah, well here we go, on another show

Backstage, shnuckas wanna get into the flow

My woody says yo! He's ready to go

But, yo, he's gotta wait for the Nose to go

(Money B)

A pretty face and back character

Lost, got your green contacts look fine
Maybe cause the chick is brainwashed

Who'd a thought you need hats for your eyes


[???] Around my eyes when I'm rhyming

The government says you've got to have a glow

And I swing a tail like Haley's Comet

No comment? I didn't think so

I thought flow and there it was

It's just a freestills, meanwills keep the vills kills in

Sweat drills in, girlies in the wheels eatin chills and

You say you're ready to go? Oh no

You gotta wait for the Nose to go!

(Shock G)

Don't wanna throw a hot booty seven and lose

So what is the move to keep livin'?

Swimmin in the big balloon, I don't think so

I ran a body-hat option on the ho

(Shock G)

She said lately it just ain't been the same

So would you kinda just rub me down?


My woody wants to get into the flow

But I said no, you gotta wait for the Nose to go

(Shock G)
Baby really must've been crazy though

Cause the onion was big and round

"Barring abstinence the Body-Hat is the best known protection against FADES"

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