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This song is by Digital Ruin and appears on the album Dwelling In The Out (2000).

I've always been one to follow through
With all the things I said I would do
And when the lies were said and done
I never strayed from the vision

I've always been one to look inside
For something more that I could hide
I asked for truth, you questioned why
Did you read the bottom line?

I've been outside for some time
Holding out on that part in a new life
I've been learning the hard way
And each lesson found is the start of a new day
I've been looking for some time
Trying hard to believe in my own mind
To follow through with what I feel
And find my mission in life

Will I ever find a higher ground
Will I ever change what's inside
And bury the past in learning to survive

We are adrift

With your doubts still you carry on
Always dreaming of what could have been
Always looking for the other ride
Never knowing that the answer was inside

We've been adrift for some time
Holding out for a part in a new life
We're learning the hard way
Can you hear a single word that I say