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​MSG (Bonus Track)

This song is by Diggy Simmons.

Jetsetters, in the place to be, I go by the name of D, I,
Two G's, and we gon set it off like we in MSG!

Y'all ready to rock?

I said it's on like Madison Square, another day,
Another blessin I'm just glad to be here.

See I do this for y'all, I know y'all rather be here

Always keepin' it forward, keep a positive vibe

I said it's on like Madison Square,
All my hustlers all my ladies let me know you in here

Middle finger to suckers chuck a deuce to the haters,
I need a moment of silence, now back to the paper

Written by:

Daniel Simmons; John Maultsby; Kenneth Coby; Alexander Izquierdo; Chris Llewellyn; Brian Cohen