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Everybody Late

This song is by Diggy Simmons.

Y'all better catch up right now
Before y'all all get left out (yeah... get em!)

Jet Setters general
Eatin' these niggas-cannibal
Eat 'em like they got ham on em
Literally go ham on em
I'm an animal, snappin just like a camera
Give me a minute Imma mop up these rappers up like janitor
Didn't know? You know now
This is how it goes down
You a clown. I got more niggas than you do in your town
Take a chance. I did.
A nigga put his hands on me
And that'll be the last thing he do
Atlantic, filling up my planner
Getting ready to have the whole world in a panic
Imma get it. New York City know I put it down
Tell Amare Stoudemire I said welcome to my house
Here we go. I'm fly when I'm fly
Don't matter what I wear when I'm on that G5
And I don't even try 'cause it's in my design
And I know that deep down that you pray on my demise

See me coming, everybody wait
I'll be, I'll be on that early
Everybody late
See me coming, everybody wait
I'll be I'll be on early
Everybody late

Get it poppin'. Get it, get it poppin'
Get it poppin'. Get it, get it poppin'
Get it poppin'. Get it, get it poppin'
Get it poppin'. Get it, get it poppin'

You ain't rockin' thos
Red and guacamol
Gucci slippers when I'm chillin' in Galapagos
Yeah I'm on a boat, somewhere in Pacific coast
Just updated my status
I ain't need no post
Acting hard, when you a male Ke$ha
Hot steppin in your Sketchers
You a square, L-7
Put the L up to your heaven
Raise your 11s to the heavens
Make a promise you won't be a lame in 2011, ha!
I'm the real deal, you a make shift
Holiday, you only get busy on occasions
I'm a problem. You not in the equation
A little nigga hungry, got munchies but I ain't blazin'
From stages to stages
20 thou for an hour that's a basic
I'm still on with the squad that I came with
The only Mohican left; the last of the greatest.

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