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Wanna Get Close

This song is by Digger and appears on the album Stronger Than Ever (1987).

You often tried to pass me by at night
I always saw you dancing in the moonlight
But now you stay, so baby just surrender
From now on in my arms you'll feel so fine

Hey little girl
There's no time for a fight
Come over or you'll see me blue

Hey little girl
The nighttime is all right
I'm gonna spend the night with you

I wanna get close
I wanna get close
I wanna get closer tonight

Come on over baby
Just look what I've got for you
But if you think I have to surrender
You're so damned, you're so damned wrong

Out in the streets we're walking hand in hand
We see our shadows dancing on the wall
When daylight dawns we see a new horizon
Will tell you'll find no one better

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