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Stars Over Boulder

This song is by Digger and appears on the album Keystone (2002).

Follow what's in my heart, tonight can't keep my eyes off yours, stars over boulder, falling over sidewalk cracks we walked home. kissing in the streets stars over boulder falling over sidewalk cracks, kissing in the streets. now that's over I know you don't want to see me scared you won't let me go. airports all seem familiar kissing bye in terminals. I Swear I'll grow up once these nightmares disappear, centennials and keystones frequent flyer miles from here. I can't get this keyboard to work, my fingers are so tired to push the pen tonight. hardwood floors are my bed with one arm over my head, dreams of you again tonight. how long till I see you? I'll be waiting at the gate sending letters over mountains, traveling map sand interstates. and if you look at the sky tonight I'll be your star over boulder in the sky tonight I'll be your star

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