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This song is by Digger and appears on the album Monte Carlo (2000).

The lights go down now
I'm one thousand miles away from you
My only thoughts now are the one thousand smiles I took from you
This room is such a lonely place without the presence of your face
I dread the thought of every minute I spend without you
I can't sleep without you snoring
I can't speak without you ignoring
Every word that I slur with a grin
'Cause what's a drunked word without a wasted ear to take it in
Late nights and too much smoke is starting to catch up with me
My voice is almost broke
You're the only thing that gets it out of me
It's been six weeks now since I drank the night away with you
Now I'm drinking by myself to try and keep my thoughts away from you
I'd drive all night on three hours sleep to make sure you last another day
The things we do somehow just make my life complete, and I know you'll make my bed someday
I'm like a wino staring at an empty bottle
Looking at pictures of me and you
If I don't get a taste of you tomorrow, God only knows what I will do

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