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Night Life

This song is by Digger.

Another reckless night begins
A brand new thing called "all my friends" but one of them is sleeping and the other's too far gone
I go down to the movie store, but I've seen them all a million times before
Another weekend that I am nothing but alone
Why should I even try? I'm not sleeping on your couch, I'm just resting my eyes
I used to have too much to do
Now I'm kicking off my shoes
If I can just get drunk enough I'm sure I'll have a ball
I guess we found a place to go, mom and dad would always say no
Now I make my own rules and I have no place at all
Why should I even try? I know I should be happy in my easy chair without you there, but how can you explain why I always think of you
I guess I just have nothing else to do
Why does it always seem to be everyone's got something to do but me? I can't get my mind off things, when the telephone never rings
Just because I may not be Mr
I just wish I had a nightlife besides you and me
Why should I even try? I know you would be happy in your lazy-boy without your boy-toy
I can't explain how I ended up with you? I guess that your nightlife sucks, too!

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