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​My World, Slipping Away

This song is by Digger and appears on the EP Trainwreck (2001).

The cold hangs on this winter's long, it makes me want to go home
A postcard hangs on this rented wall, it reminds me of you
Slow it down, take a good look back and see where you're at
The simple fact everyon's telling me where I should be, I don't want that
I'm free again
A letter sent and read at midnight makes me want to go home
A candle burns up its last light, it reminds me of you
I'm free again
I can feel my world slipping away
Now I'll try to put it back together
How can I stop this feeling in my belly? When it's gone I'll be so much stronger, and I've found out she's all I need...
(My world's slipping away)