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This song is by Digger.

Sometimes I think I'll freak out
I'm apathetic
I act pathetic
I think I cracked this time
Sometimes I think I'm schizophrenic, frantically feeling for a foothold, but I put it off
Falling faster, I'm looking for an answer
I'm coming up with nothing
You'll never get me down from this ledge
I feel I'm losing everything
Losing my mind
Losing my pants
Unplug me; you can send up anyone you want
I'm Phil's last stand
I see what's in front of me
It's just not what I want
I'm just gonna give up 40 more years of the same, and life would be so boring again
That's all I can see
I don't wanna feel that stupid again
What's wrong with me
I'm freakin

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