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This page is for the American Pop Punk band. For the German Heavy Metal band, see Grave Digger.

Power Bait (1996)Edit

Digger - Power Bait
Power Bait
  1. Digger
  2. Boy Toy Days
  3. Dale
  4. I Want My Hat Back
  5. Lifestyles Of The Middle School Lamest
  6. The Boot
  7. Rollercoaster Girl
  8. String In My Throat
  9. Day In the Life of Joel
  10. Bigwheel
  11. September
  12. Geek Love
  13. Ducky's Curse
  14. True Blue

Geek Love (1996)Edit

Geek Love
Geek Love
  1. Geek Love
  2. Leaving Home
  3. Car Keys

Touch The Body (1997)Edit

Touch The Body
Touch The Body
  1. Board Games
  2. Powerbait

Wilkum To Pennsylvania (1997)Edit

Wilkum To Pennsylvania
Wilkum To Pennsylvania
  1. Here I Go
  2. Freakout

The Promise Of An Uncertain Future (1998)Edit

Digger - The Promise Of An Uncertain Future
The Promise Of An Uncertain Future
  1. Pieces
  2. Quitters Never Win
  3. Tour Diary
  4. Yammer
  5. Board Games
  6. Okay
  7. Space Cadet
  8. Living On A Couch
  9. Picture Perfect
  10. Day Off
  11. Blocked Up
  12. Stuck
  13. Past Mistakes
  14. Benner Has No Soul

Monte Carlo (2000)Edit

Digger - Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo
  1. Detroit River
  2. Feeling What I'm Thinking
  3. Slur
  4. Lucky
  5. Nervous Reaction
  6. Plastic Wings
  7. Postcards Across the Atlantic
  8. Living It Up
  9. Taking on the Consequences
  10. Round 2
  11. I Hate You When You're Sleeping
  12. Dragging My Feet
  13. Trying
  14. Alcohol, Women, and Misery

Trainwreck (2001)Edit

Digger - Trainwreck
  1. The Right Time
  2. Try and Catch Me
  3. Shoelaces
  4. My World, Slipping Away
  5. In A Heartbeat
  6. That's What I Get
  7. Untitled Track

Keystone (2002)Edit

Digger - Keystone
  1. Someone Save Me
  2. Gemini
  3. Stars Over Boulder
  4. Try and Catch Me
  5. Tattoo Broken Hearts
  6. If You Know What I Mean
  7. Security Envelopes
  8. C-Note
  9. 2 Hearts and a Bottle
  10. Tired of Kissing
  11. Mesh Hats and Interstates

Other SongsEdit

  1. Box Of Letters
  2. Night Life
  3. The Ninja, The Pinto, The Dan Marino
  4. This Time

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